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1st Dibs has a Fine Homes section on their website that shows spectacular real estate from around the country. I could spend hours flipping through the amazing homes looking at the architecture and seeing how the homes are designed. Looking at these homes provides stunning inspiration. I would love the opportunity to design a house on this level one day. Take a look at some of the amazing homes for sale. Who knows, maybe if you have $60,000,000 laying around you can purchase your dream home ;)

This home is for sale for an easy $59,000,000 in Southampton, NY

This next home is close to Monaco in the South of France. Now this house is a steal at $27, 384,000 and only $5,000 sq ft!  If only I had some extra cash laying around….

I am in love with the Turquoise Shutters.

I could just picture myself sitting on the patio and reading a book.

Now this next home is a drop in the bucket compared to the first two homes. Located in Lake Forest, IL this next home is for sale for $6,900,000. Actually, quite reasonable considering the amazing details that have gone into this home. It is also a great location. You are right near the city, but have the comfort and convenience of the suburbs. Lake Forest is an gorgeous town. I used to live in Chicago and would drive around and look at all of the gorgeous homes.

How stunning is the ivy growing on the facade. I love the look of ivy and how it can give a home a lived in feel. It also adds a sort of architectural element to a home. One day I will be at a level where I can get the opportunity to design one of these homes. Who knows maybe live in one ;)

All images via 1st Dibs

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  1. Oh my gosh, that home in Monaco!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Maybe we can low-ball them and split the price and both move in! It’s incredible!

  2. I know seriously! I would love to own a house like this, it would be amazing!

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