Design Update

Remember the fun commercial office space that I had talked about a few weeks ago? I stopped by the space the other day to check on the progress and everything is coming along really well! You might not think much progress has been made judging from the pictures, but the space has certainly come along way since day one. So far, the drywall is up, some flooring is in, and most of the walls are painted. What I am most excited for is to get the final details completed in the space, like the awesome carpet tiles that I am using for an area rug, the stainless steel wall panels, and a brick wall.  This part of the job is also the most nerve racking because you want everything to go smoothly, the design to turn out amazing, and the client to be happy. So far so good!
photo 2.1Above, is an image of the kitchen area. The unpainted drywall is where the cabinetry will be going. I have chosen not to use any upper cabinetry because I felt that using uppers in this space will make the area look too confined. I wanted this space to have an open feel. Instead of using the traditional tile back splash, I am using a thin brick veneer from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling. The brick will give the space some color and texture and will be a focal point for this area. The flooring throughout most of the space is a wood vinyl planking, but I decided to use a concrete vinyl tile in the kitchen area to define that space and make the kitchen the main focal point. In the kitchen, there will be two large islands that will have a white quartz waterfall counter top. Above the islands, I have selected some cage pendant lights. If you take a look at the ceiling you will notice the I have defined the kitchen area with a drywall ceiling soffit. I really wanted to do an exposed ceiling throughout, but budget would not allow for it. So I had to make some compromises. Ceiling tile is the majority of the ceiling, but by adding the drywall soffit it really breaks up the space.

photo 3.1This area along the windows is located across from the kitchen. This will have booth seating coming off of the drywall painted walls. There is a large stainless panel that will be attached to the drywall with large industrial sized bolts. The stainless steel panel is magnetized which allows for people to hang paper work and also use it as a whiteboard for notes when they have casual meetings or for an employee who wants to work in the kitchen. Above the booths, I am using these awesome bubble light fixtures. I can’t wait to see them installed. Along the window walls throughout the space, I have designed a bar height counter top with some bar stools, so people can sit with their food or computer and look out the window. Again, you can see the drywall soffit that I have added to the ceiling. It defines the space and also breaks up the ceiling tile.
photo 1Above is a picture of some window film selections that will be going on a large conference room window that looks directly into the kitchen area. The customer wanted to create some sort of privacy with out completely blocking the light out.
photo 4This is the carpet tile that is installed in the training rooms.
photo 5This is a closer view of the vinyl planking that is installed in majority of the space.

A closer view of the carpet tile in the training room. If you notice the carpet tile is not seamless. The random pattern was intentional and I think it adds character to the floor. Next time I stop by, I will post more progress pictures and hopefully I will be posting the final space soon!


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Happy Anniversary

Since today is my 4 year wedding anniversary, I thought a picture is in order. Happy Anniversary!


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Every year for the 4th of July I travel to my family’s cottage in Northern Michigan. Over the holiday weekend the quaint town of Petoskey was having an antique fair and if anyone knows me, you know that I can’t pass up an antique fair! Antique fairs can be hit or miss, but you never know what treasures you might stumble upon. So when I spot an antique fair, it is a must go. I think I drive my husband nuts sometimes! Luckily, my mom came with me this time so I didn’t have to drag my husband along! Petoskey does this antique fair twice a year and I have attended it several times. While the fair was fun to browse, I really wasn’t too impressed this year. It seemed like all of the exhibitors decided to take it upon themselves to paint or refurbish the furniture pieces and I felt like it was more of a craft show than an antique fair. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be the one to paint or refurbish my finds. There were a few things that I thought were some nice pieces.


DSC_1713I thought these stools were so unique! They were from an old abandoned industrial plant. These would be perfect for a kitchen or even as an accent chair under a console table.

DSC_1709Although, the framing of these vintage pennant flags was not original, I thought it was a cool idea. Especially, for a boys room. It got my wheels spinning for my son’s “big boy” room.

DSC_1707I had my mom purchase one of these for her lake house. I thought they were a lovely novelty item for our cottage.

DSC_1705I see these glass ball fishing floats everywhere! They are a great accessory to have in your home. Unless your like me and have a crazy toddler running around. If I had these in my home, they would be broken in a matter of seconds.

DSC_1704I am not sure what this decorative bowl is called, but I thought it was really unique. This would be perfect on a sofa table or on a large dining table.  DSC_1702 These wool trade blankets were all the rage this year. Almost every exhibitor had one. I think they are fabulous, although they are bit itchy. They are more for decoration.

Even though I wasn’t too impressed at this years antique fair, I still enjoyed myself and I plan on going back. You never know what treasure you might stumble upon.

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“Fun” Floor Commercial Space Part II


Last week I had talked about the “fun” office space that I was designing. Now I wanted to show you some of the design boards that I have put together. I love putting design boards together because you can now really get a sense of the look that I am trying to achieve.

Majority of the space will be vinyl planking, but there are some areas that will have carpeting. I chose to use carpet tile because of aesthetics and durability. Carpet tile is really all that I use when I design office spaces. Not only does it look great, it is great for the customer because if a tile gets damaged they can just replace the tile instead of replacing the entire floor. Carpet tile is more expensive then a regular broadloom, but the benefits out weigh the cost in my opinion. You can also do some really fun things with carpet tile. The hexagonal tile that is shown in the lower right side will be used as area rugs in designated areas of the space to soften up some of the vinyl planking.

Kitchen Cabinet and Material


I am using a laminate for the kitchen cabinets. Laminate is definitely not a favorite choice to use when designing residential kitchens, but when it comes to commercial spaces, durability is key and laminate gets the job done. I think it will look great once installed.


Since I am going for an industrial feel, I wanted the lighting to convey that. I am loving these lights from Schoolhouse Electric. The client decided to go with the Booth Lighting and Island Lighting Option B for above the two islands in the kitchen. I am super excited to see the light fixtures installed.
Wall Graphics


The space allows for some great opportunity for oversize wall graphics. There is a golf simulator in the space, so I loved the idea of using a large scaled black and white image of a golf scene. The company is a tech company so I wanted to use some abstract images of a circuit board. The fun part of designing is seeing your vision come to reality and these design boards are the first step to that vision.

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Concrete Counters vs. Butcher Block

My husband and I are in the process of updating our kitchen. We have decided to take on the tedious task of painting our kitchen cabinets. We started this project back in March and it is still not completed! (Mostly due to our busy schedules.) So I have been living in a mess of a kitchen and it is driving me nuts! I am hopeful we can finish the painting of the cabinets before summer is over, fingers crossed. On top of painting the kitchen cabinets, we are looking into replacing the ugly green Formica counters. Stone is out of our budget, I am really tired of granite, and laminate counters are definitely out of the question! So we have narrowed it down to two options, concrete counters or butcher block. I love the unfinished industrial look of  concrete counters and my husband is willing to tackle this project on his own, so we will save a lot of money. The downside of this project is it is very tedious and time consuming (time is one area that we are lacking in), so a few years might go by until we have counters ;) The second option would be butcher block counters. We can install them ourselves  and they are pretty cost effective and require a lot less work than the concrete. I just worry that my kitchen might look a little country or have too much wood because we do have dark hardwood floors. I have seen some gorgeous kitchens done in butcher block that I absolutely love. So I am on the fence concrete or butcher block? Decisions, decisions…..

butcher block 1(1.)


I am in love with this kitchen. You can see that they have dark hardwood floors, dark cabinets and butcher block. The sheen on the cabinets is gorgeous. I planned on painting my cabinets white, but looking at this picture my mind is changing.


I just love how these Ikea butcher block counters look. They really update the space and make it feel cozy, yet still modern.


Love, love, love the butcher block with the contrasting black cabinetry and brass hardware. These counters give the space a fresh and unique feel that could not have been achieved with a stone. The floating butcher block shelves add a unexpected touch make the kitchen feel more custom.

Butcher Block Counters (5.)


I really love the lightness of this kitchen and the concrete counters definitely adds character and texture to this minimalist kitchen. What I absolutely adore about concrete counters is all of their imperfections and the industrial feel that they convey. Concrete can be contemporary or traditional which make them very versatile.


The built in farmhouse sink is amazing.


I saw this image floating around Pinterest the other day and I am in love with the simplicity of this kitchen. The concrete waterfall island is amazing. Either way, concrete or butcher block we can’t go wrong, it’s is just a matter of which one I want to pick. I’m leaning toward butcher block, but we will see….I could always change my mind ;)

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“Fun” Floor Commercial Space

For some time now, I have been working on the interior design of a commercial space. I cannot wait to share the final results with you! The space is under construction and expected to be finished at the end of July. I am designing the space for a Metro Detroit company that is growing at the speed of light! They have recently moved their offices to a high rise and I have completed the interior design for four of their floors. This floor that I am working on is extra special because it is their so called “fun” floor. This floor will have a little bit of business but it will be mostly pleasure. The main objective is to have a space where their employees can come to relax and have a good time. This floor will house a large kitchen, golf simulator, pool tables, a band stage, etc. What excites me the most about this project is that is more of a hospitality project than an office space. I get to use unique finishes and furnishings and do things that I have always wanted to design. This project was great because it was all me designing and the client rarely objected to anything that I suggested. Which is not the case most of the time. The vibe that I am trying to achieve in this space is a “urban loft” feel. Which was difficult because the space was nowhere near being that of an urban loft.



One of the main areas of the space will be the kitchen. It was important to the client to have adequate storage because this kitchen will be the main cafeteria for several floors of this building. So there will be many employees that will be using it. Another important feature of this kitchen is to be able to function as a lounge area as well. That being said, I wanted the kitchen to have a cozy feel and look large and open. So I decided not to use any uppers on the main wall.  Which I am really excited about because instead of the traditional tile backsplash I am doing a brick wall all the way to the ceiling. I am super excited to see how it turns out. I think it will really transform the space.



For the flooring, I really wanted to do concrete, like the image above but a concrete floor can be expensive. So I decided to choose a wood vinyl planking. I know you are all thinking in your heads right now, vinyl planking?! but let me assure you that the vinyl planking used for commercial interiors looks amazing. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference, not to mention it is a thousand times more durable the real wood and that is a must when you have commercial space. I also chose to use a vinyl plank that looks like concrete in the main kitchen work area.



Throughout the space, I have dedicated “break out” areas or casual meeting spaces. In one area of the space, I designed a “stadium seating” area very similar to the image above. It will be custom made out of birch plywood.



dezeen_Nike-Canteen-by-Uxus-Design_18 (5)




The main challenge is budget, which is always a concern with clients. Space planning was a real challenge with this project. There are so many activities going, it was important to have a good flow in the space. I have been working on this project for well over a year now and have done at least 15 different floor plans for this customer. I will be a little teary eyed when this project ends because it has really been a labor of love over the past year and it is rare to find a client willing to let me do pretty much anything that I wanted. I will be going to the space next week, so I will take some progress pictures and post them on the blog.

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Design Hiatus

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog post. My life has been a whirlwind since the birth of my son. In between the poopy diapers and lack of sleep my mind was not in the right zone to sit down and write. My son is now 1 and half and I have started to (slowly) gain back my sanity. With my new found mind set I started to realize that I really missed blogging. I think what I missed most was being able to share the many things that inspired me, the comradery between other bloggers and the opportunity blogging can bring. The blogosphere can be a great way to be inspired, meet new friends, and promote your business. However, on the flip side it can also can be really hard to differentiate yourself because there are just so many bloggers out there. This time around I want to take a new approach to how I blog, focusing on making my posts more meaningful and unique. I want to talk about the design process, the successes and even the struggles of being a designer. Believe it or not there is an unglamorous side to designing. Another area I also want to delve deeper into is the commercial design world (since that is what I do 80% of the time). Most of the design blogs out there are geared toward the residential and I don’t think world of commercial design is talked about enough. Commercial design differs so much from residential and I think it would be fun for people to learn the design process from beginning to end. I want to show that Commercial design can be really fun and a great inspiration for residential design and vice verse. I am also really focused on growing my design business, sharing my experiences, and using this blog as an outlook for my thoughts. My goal is to try to post something at least once a week! I hope you will all continue to follow me on this journey :)









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Design Work

I have been working on designing this bedroom for some time now, and it is finally starting to come together. I decided to go with a pale muted blue color for the walls. Personally, I love bedrooms that have light color palettes. Originally, this bedroom was outdated and was in desperate need of a makeover. I reupholstered the headboard in a stunning beige linen and added brass nailheads. I think adding the nailheads really gives the headboard a custom feel. I then had some custom draperies and pillows made. I recently framed some of my clients artwork with some white frames that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $20.00. You would never know that, right?! I love finding nice things that look like you spent a ton of money on. The horse prints I purchased on Etsy from Irene Suchocki and had them custom framed. They really add a unique touch to the space. I am hoping to have this room completed before Spring is over. So stayed tuned for updates.

All Images via I Design Love and Kristine Bishop Design

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tempIf you would like help designing a space that you love, contact me about my design services. For general inquires please e-mail me at

Brass Sarreid Trunk For Sale

I found this amazing Sarreid chest on Craigslist last year. I have been dying to use it somewhere in my home, but since the birth of my little one, it really isn’t a kid friendly piece of furniture! So I have decided to sell it and it is in pretty good condition! ( It just needs some polishing!). Also, there is a sticker on the left hand side that needs a little elbow grease to come off, but other than that it is a great piece. If your looking for something unique for your home or client please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at I am selling this piece for $1,000.00.



Feel free to e-mail me for more pictures.

All Images via I Design Love

If you need help with designing your space, please contact me about my design services.

tempIf you would like help designing a space that you love, contact me about my design services. For general inquires please e-mail me at

Powder Room Renvoation Sneak Peak

I have been dying to show you pictures of a bathroom that I had recently designed. If you remember, I did a story board a while back on this powder room. I think it came out pretty awesome. I used Petite Pineapple wallpaper from Studio Printworks, which I absolutely love. My client really let me doing something bold in their powder room, which is something that I always thinks looks good. When you are dealing with such a small space, why go with something boring and bland?! I love to have fun with powder rooms. Take a look at some pictures below that I took with my Iphone.

This was the design board that I created. Everything was neutral in color by using a graphic wallpaper and a bold mirror I was able to create a space that really stands out.

I used a Calcutta Gold Marble for the counter and balanced it out by using a black cabinet below.

All Images via I Design Love and Kristine Bishop Design

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tempIf you would like help designing a space that you love, contact me about my design services. For general inquires please e-mail me at