Blue and Yellow

Lately, I have been really loving the color combination of blue and yellow. It is such a fun color scheme that makes any space cheerful! Below are some of my top picks for blue and yellow rooms.


This space was designed by Jenny from Little Green Notebook. I really love this use of yellow and blue in this room. There are slight touches of blue with a pop of yellow.


Those yellow doors are amazing!!!




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My Favorite Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

As an interior designer the number one question that I get asked is what color I should paint my room or what is your favorite paint color. Every designer has their go to paint colors and today I am sharing my favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors. Sherwin Williams is a brand that I use all of the time especially for commercial interiors. Benjamin Moore is also a favorite of mine. I am going to do my favorite go to Benjamin Moore paint colors soon! Here is my list…













This was not a sponsored post, I just really like these colors ;)


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Right now I am helping a client of mine redesign their family room. I stopped by the Michigan Design Center to pick up some fabric samples for my clients space. These are some color, carpet and fabric options that I tossing around…

photo 1

photo 2I really like this combo with the rug. The colors are fairly neutral, but the patterns make this combo very bold without being too much.

photo 3This color scheme is fresh, light and airy. I like this scheme with the lighter rug. I am thinking the bottom left rug.

photo 5This fabric is the same as the one above, it is just shown with a lighter carpet.

photo 4Again, same fabric just different carpet. It definitely gives this scheme a different feel. What do think? Which combo do you like best?

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Window Treatments

 Currently, I am helping a client of mine design their family room and I am starting to think about custom window treatments for their space. Their family room does not have a lot of natural light and the only light source comes from a large sliding glass door that leads out to their back patio. I am trying to convince them to switch their sliding door to some beautiful french doors, but I will keep that for another post. My client got me thinking about window treatments in general. Window treatments are very imporatant piece for any space. They provide a focal point, create interest, color, pattern, and texture. Any custom window treatment will really transform your space. I am not going to lie, custom window treatments do not even compare to store bought treatments, but custom is not in every-ones budget. If you can afford custom, I always recommend a client to go that route. It is one of the best investments that you can make for your space. That doesn’t mean that store bought treatments are bad, they just require a little more thought than just buying a pack of draperies and hanging them on your wall. You can also do some great and easy DIYS to make the store bought treatments feel more custom. One of my favorite things to do for store bought panel drapery is to add some sort of embellishment. Whether it be some beautiful greek key trim or adding a pop of color with a beautiful fabric to the bottom of the treatment. Those small details will really add some interest to your draperies. Another tip, if you are using panel drapery is to double the amount of of panels to each side of the window, so that it looks fuller than it is and creates a fuller stack back. Store bought draperies tend to be a little scarce in the amount of fabric that use and to have a custom feel, adding that extra drapery to each side really gives the draperies some body and fullness. My favorite place for inexpensive store bought draperies is none other than Ikea. I really love the Ritva Curtains and the Ikea Merete. They are sooo cheap and you can do some great custom things to them. Roman shades are a little trickier, but if you get a simple solid shade you can do some add some beautiful embellishments. 5dcb5071d550e54c42d02fa6c23a30b4(1.)

This was a custom shade with an embellishment, but you can easily do this to a store bought shade.

042612curtainpsa (2.)

Another tip for creating a custom feel is to hang your drapes high and wide. Erin Gates has some great tips on her blog.

ba8c1caa0cd144cfbfa71945adc9e6a9(3.) d13721b144a4f9d3a01a42a277831178(4.)

I love the idea of adding a ribbon or stripe of fabric to the top of the drapery panel. d7de0f12dbefece7befdb11c48e40d8f(5.) cf6a3d9dc1610c84a56da715db4d2bc2(6.)

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Design Update

Just another quick design update on the fun commercial space that I have been talking about. There has been some definite progress made since the first update I shared with you. There is still a ways to go, but things seem to be coming together nicely.







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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

I am in the process of updating my kitchen. We are currently painting our kitchen cabinets (finally!!) and now I am in the process of getting new cabinet hardware. Originally, I wanted to go with brass hardware in my kitchen, but after some thought I decided against it. I have been throwing back and forth the idea of using the Duluth Pull or the Aubrey Pull from Restoration hardware, but I still thought I should take a look to see what else is out there. So I stopped at my local hardware store and came across some pieces that will work for my cabinets and my budget!



photo 2 I really like this “utility” style pull for my cabinets. I like slim lines to this pull. A lot of the utility pulls that I see are pretty bulky and thick.

photo 4 You can see what I am talking about with the thick/bulky style pull. These one really are not what I am looking for.

photo 3 I could go with a traditional cup pull, but I feel like that gets overused. I want to be a little different.

photo 1 So many complicated decisions ;)

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My Secret Garden

Ever since I was little I have dreamed about having my own secret garden. When I was younger I actually used to pretend to play “Secret Garden” and I had a key that I would hide under a loose brick on the side of parents home that would unlock my imaginary garden. I mean my own wedding my invitations had a Secret Garden quote and included a key! Having my own secret hideaway with lush beautiful flowers surrounding me would be amazing. I can just imagine my self sneaking off and just sitting down with a good book enjoying nature. One day when I have time, I would love to have my own secret garden, what I would give to have my backyard look like this.






IMG_3806wtmkMy wedding invites! Proof that I am truly obsessed with the Secret Garden.



photo (2)

My son, smelling the beautiful wildflowers at my parents neighbors home. Hopefully this inspiration brightened your day and bit! I know it did mine :)

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Design Update

Last week I had shown you some pictures of the fun commercial space that I am working on. I stopped by the space this week and things are moving along great! The kitchen cabinets are now installed and the brick wall will go in this week. Some of the furniture has arrived, but is sitting in storage waiting for the space to be complete. I always get nervous during construction! Lots of things can go wrong, from the wrong tile ordered to things not looking as I envisioned, but so far so good!

1 As you can the counter tops have not been installed and the flooring in the kitchen area has not been installed.  I chose a dark quartz counter top and a concrete vinyl tile for the kitchen floor.



4 Some of the furniture that will be going into the cafeteria. Lots of bright fun colors.


6This hexagon carpet tile will be used as area rugs throughout the space to ground the furniture. I was playing around with the colors in this picture. This tile is really fun and unique and I can’t wait to see it installed.


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Bar Stools

We are currently in the process of renovating our kitchen and we have decided to use butcher block for the counter tops. We have a peninsula in our kitchen that we will be making wider, so it will be able to accommodate some bar stools. I have been in search of some simple and affordable stools. These are my choices that I have narrowed it down to. I am leaning towards option 2. What do you think, what is your favorite?

Barstools(1, 2, 3, 4 )

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NeoCon 2014

This post is a little late, but better late than never. Back in June I attended NeoCon at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL. If you are not familiar with NeoCon, it is one of the largest commercial design trade shows. I missed last years show, so I was really anxious to attend this year. My husband, who had some time off from his crazy schedule, joined me on this trip. It is always nice to get a little time to ourselves! When I am in Chicago I always like to spend an extra day to visit family and go shopping. So I made to sure to carve a little extra time into my trip to visit my beloved Zara. Unfortunately, we don’t have one in Detroit, so whenever I am in Chicago I make it my mission to go.

It is always fun to see what the latest and greatest trends are in the commercial design world. A big trend that I noticed with color and material was a lot of texture and more muted color palates. The past few years, the trend was to use lots of bright punches of color. This year, it was definitely toned down.


DSC_1672What is very popular right now in offices is the use of informal meeting areas or open conference rooms. The days of high cubicles are pretty much gone and offices have moved more towards an open concept. Collaboration is a big deal and to be able to have informal meeting spaces is the perfect way for people to gather. I am loving this high top table, this wood table is gorgeous and I saw a lot of tables very similar at NeoCon this year. I love the finish and feel, it creates a lot of texture.


DSC_1673 The aluminum band adds a contemporary touch to this table.


DSC_1665 This is an example of something I would use in someones private office. The table is a white back painted glass. This is a far cry from the heavy wood private offices that everyone is so used to seeing.


Again, lots and lots of texture this year. This table has a stone top table, which is stunning. It is very contemporary, but yet still traditional. The table would be the perfect compliment to the private office desk shown above.

DSC_1682 Wall covering is a great option to using when designing commercial interiors. With people always coming and going walls can take a beating, but commercial wall covering can help minimize the wear and tear of the walls. There are some amazing products out there for wall covering. These textures and patterns are very similar to a Phillip Jefferies grasscloth. Again texture, texture, texture….


DSC_1681Above are some area rugs from the textile manufacturer, Maharam. Maharam has some amazing textiles and they debuted an area rug collection for NeoCon. Area rugs are always fun to do in a commercial space. They add warmth and complete a space. Typically, I like to use carpet tile for my area rugs because of wear and tear, but putting a rug like this in a low traffic area like a lobby or break out seating area would work best.


DSC_1686 - Copy This was a display at the carpet tile showroom, Interface. You might be familiar with the brand called Flor, this is there commercial line, and they have some gorgeous tiles. The nature inspiration is in full force at this showroom. Interface does a great job of showing their design inspiration and how it translates into carpet tiles. Once you hear the story behind the design of the carpet, it makes the carpet even more special.

DSC_1685 - Copy (2) These carpet tiles above are amazing!! I love the look of the planking, it is a nice break from the traditional square tile. The pop of green color breaks up the floor and adds interest, color, and pattern. When designing I love to add pops of color when I use carpet  tile. It is a great way to break up a large area and designate space. Again, you can see all of the texture!

DSC_1690 - Copy

DSC_1695 - Copy

DSC_1692The textile trends this year seem to be pretty neutral with small pops of colors. The green color above was really popular.





DSC_1684 I love this conference table. It is a back painted glass and comes in a variety of colors. The white color is my favorite, it is stunning.


 This was a new introduction at Neocon this year. This furniture is called bend and I think it is pretty unique. What I was really drawn to most was the bar stools. I am always looking for different style bar stools and these stools are definitely that.


 HBF textiles, is a commercial textile line. They came out with a new collection by, Elodie Blanchard, which is gorgeous. What I really liked most was the design of their showroom. I love the wood table, paired with the white Tolix stools and the deep gray color on the walls.

I had a great time at NeoCon this year, there was so much too see and to take in. I came back to Detroit with some new ideas and inspiration.


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